Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm Going to Complain

I went and saw the Avengers last night...great movie, though it could use more Black Widow...but before the movie I saw the latest, or a new, or some such, preview of Batman v Superman movie.

The whole thing begins with a camera pan across a giant superman statue and voice overs babbling about "power corrupts absolutely" and "man always worships powerful people" or whatever other crap they are dishing out to show us that people were worshiping Superman like a god. And then we fade into Batman, older, graying hair, staring at his costume with the voice overs carrying on.

Pan to some dark scenes I can't remember and then Batman looking up at Superman as he comes down in the rain.

And though I know the basic plot about people are misunderstanding Superman and Batman goes to clean house and they become pals fighting some other thing or the other.

But how about this, we take the one character in the DC universe who is dark, brooding, lives in the shadows, who has the scar of murdered parents behind him and was raised by a cold, lifeless English butler and make him seem evil. And then we take the one character in the DC universe whose parents sacrificed themselves to save his life, was raised on a quiet farm in Kansas, by his loving adopted parents, and learned to only do good for the sake of those that benefited from go to Gotham and see what is going on with bat dude.

And instead of beating him up, he gives him some prozac or some other anti-depressent, because the Dark Knight is about 99 parts dark and 1 part knight.

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