Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I like snails, so this is really a DOOM thread for snails. The New Guinea Flat Worm has been found in Coral Gables Florida. As it turns out, this little bastard has been spreading all over the planet, being ported around the globe in the soil that holds exotic plants...which is odd, I always assumed the transported exotic plants in seed form, because, well seeds are smaller than full grown plants, but what do I know.

So this flat worm guy is pretty wicked to snails. It wraps itself around the snail, and attaches its mouth, which is located on its belly, to the snail and begins eating the little shell shocked guy alive. Now, as you may not be very familiar with snails, they move pretty slowly and they don't have arms. So they can't really do anything about the flat worm except become dinner.

That's pretty rough.

So if you see this little flat worm dude, stomp on him, or eat him, or whatever you have to do. But stomp a worm and save a snail. Why? Because I like snails, they secret their own house. How cool is that.

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