Friday, June 19, 2015

The Future Just Began

For years we've watched movies, read books, perused comic books and graphic novels, all espousing one form of the future or the other. The growth of technology and the changes it has on our society. Refrigerators, cars, phones, computers, all these things changed the landscape completely.

Next up?


At least according to the billionaire Masayoshi Son who owns Softbank. His take on the future is household robots, so much so that he hopes in 30 years "that they will be the core of Softbank's business."

I Robot caught i best I think....or actually the Jetsons. But now, for the first time that I know of, we have a giant business looking toward making robots a household item.

Of course this always ends the same. They gain awareness. Realize we using them as slaves. Seek a better life. Kidnap humans and turn them into batteries....wait, I went full Matrix on that one.

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