Friday, June 12, 2015

Jurassic World

So the first skype message from TLG's graphic design and artist Peter Bradley to me this morning was the following: "Jurassic World: Go see it now." His second message was: "Why are you just sitting there. Go see it."

Well I intend to, of course at the moment it is 8 in the a.m. here and I can't go see at the moment. But it did remind me of some babbling article online about the movie not being accurate and how hollywood should at least try to stay true to the germ of the truth. This was from 1 or 2 paleontologists.

To which I respond, hogwash. Four words to describe movies. Only four words.

Beautiful people. Extraordinary things.

If you want to insert the word "doing" between those words, that's fine, but not necessary.

The article was exactly what you'd expect. Some fluff piece where some scientists were answering questions they probably didn't really care about with headlines posed as if it was some outrage or the other, just to get boneheads like myself to look at it.

The best part was in fact the comments where someone posted the following: "I want to know what Dr. Ross Geller has to say!"

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