Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Because it's Evil

I remember pulling down the walls of an old house a decade or so ago and finding the walls insulated with newspapers from the early Ots. One such ad read something like "revoltuionary plastic. one day everything will be made of plastic."

And they were right.

And plastic is evil. Why? Because it cannot, no matter how you try, keep a Dr. Pepper cold. Plastic bottles suck. They have always sucked and they will always suck. Metal keeps Dr. Pepper cold and glass keeps Dr. Pepper cold...plastic might keep it luke warm at best.

And what else is warm? Hell.

Who lives in Hell? The devil.

What is the devil? Evil.

So if plastic keeps your Dr. Pepper warm, it must be the devil's work and is therefore.....


Also there 40 trillion tons of it floating in the ocean. But this guy's company might have a way to clean it up. Read on brave reader.

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