Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Gallery of Souls

In many ways the Gallery's history is long and sordid. As is known Unklar ruled in spite of all other creatures, and he loved none, not even his closest lieutenants. His was a rule of malice and power born of fear and death. He made a prison of the third level of Aufstrag, filled it with a vast dungeons and created the socjuwa to watch over them. The socjuwa were but slivers of his spite and made to serve his justice without thought or action of their own.

Those who opposed him died or if some future purpose was seen in them, they were bound in chains and carted to the dungeons. There they sat until called, or until the need was great, or worse, until some lord of Aufstrag thought to use them for his pleasure, often in the Torture Gardens. The Gallery quickly became a night mare of the damned, for most were forgotten in the dark, dank cells and died in madness and despair.

The first to occupy the dungeons were the Aenochians themselves. Any of that noble people found wanting were carted off to the dungeons and imprisoned. It is they who coined the name of the Level, for in it they deemed their souls were bound and lost to the Arc of Time, such that they could not escape, even in death.

~ The Gallery of Souls, Aufstrag

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