Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tales of Aufstrag

The Nave gives way to a wide balcony that overlooks the temple proper and two sets of stairs that lead down to the floor. A gigantic statue of a six-faced Nectanebo stands with her arms splayed wide and held high in a gesture of worship, though one arm is broken off. She looks up to a mural of Unklar sitting upon his throne painted upon the ceiling. Long ago a portion of the wall behind the statue gave way and the rubble of it is heaped about her feet. A pipe there burst and flooded the room, so that the temple stands beneath 3 feet of water. The walls here are rough and unpaved and have suffered damage from the naerlulth that lurks in the water.

The whole temple is huge, 80 feet from floor to roof. The steps lead down 40 feet and the balcony stands 40 feet above the floor of the chamber. The statue is large enough that her breasts, shoulders and head are above the balcony.

Aufstrag, The Horned God's Acre, Temple of Nectenebo

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