Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Tales From the Table

Mac was running the game. I can't really remember the whole scenario but we were a large party and we were trying to force our way over this chasm. There was a single bridge over it and it was held, I believe, by orcs.

We rushed them, cut a few down, threw a few off the bridge, but couldn't break through. We didn't have an archers and our spell casters were out of spells, so it boiled down to a hack fest..and of course, such scenarios always mean its whose dice are better. As only two of us could close at a time it was a crazy risky endeavor. The rest of the party had to stand there and do nothing.

But then Davis showed up, whipped a dwarf fighter together and joined the fray. And he wasn't having any of this hold the bridge thing. He backed up, down the bridge and took a running leap. He leapt up on the bridge rail (rolling a great dexterity check) and then ax in hand leapt to the other side, trying to get behind the wedge of orcs...

Its hard to describe the wave of awesome that rolled over the table. Everyone was struck by the sheer bad-assery of the move, and the idea that we would get past the orcs and the chasm became suddenly possible. Everyone was shouting!

But then he rolled his leaping dexterity check.


He plummeted into the chasm and died. It was so fast

He had made that character less than 5 minutes before his death.

Even today it brings a smile to my face.

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