Friday, June 12, 2015

Space and Pools

I like space. I like a large yard, large house and open floor plans. I don't care of stuff so much. It clogs up the space. I remember when I was in the way ago days I had this apartment with this large room, 20 feet long and 12 wide probably. Three large windows let in all teh fresh air you could want. I put a bed in it and a rocking chair. I had a drafting table in the corner I used as a writing desk. That was it. It was awesome.

So Peter Bradley has been sending me all kinds of tiny house floor planes, as that is what he would like. Just a small house he can use as a studio and home. They never appeal to me because they are so tiny and I would trip over my rocking chair.

But I have to say, this one looks alright.

It has a pool!!

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