Monday, June 08, 2015

I Like Ants

Ants are pretty cool. Almost mindless creatures that follow hard wired instincts that assign them the tasks that will occupy their lives from the moment they hatch to the moment they are consumed by  some dinosaur-like bird. 

Its like some science fiction utopian society where people are born and tested for what role best suits them, assigned the job and set on their life's journey. Where the collective works together for peace and harmony and simply living. Or some machine driven world that creates robots for singular purposes and nothing else. Except of course even the head of the ant society is hard wired for its role and never thinks beyond it.

They are pretty cool.

Of course ant societies are pretty static. There is no capacity for creative problem solving, because everyone is hard wired. This makes them extremely vulnerable to the environment and predation. The   collective will of the any society doesn't protect it from countless species of birds and mammals. It only protects them against other ants and termites...who have similarly organized societies.

It does make them a valuable part of the food chain. That's pretty cool.

Perhaps mindlessly driven instincts or collectives aren't the best choice for a species' survival.


Stu Rat said...

But once Ant-Man starts telling them what to do...

Troll Lord said...

Good point! Damn ants! hahaha