Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Pools of the Dead

The crypts were set up long ago by High Priestess Nectanebo XII. They were carved from the rock of Aufsrag and made a space for the bodies of those priests, holy men and clerics who died in service to Unklar or the Nebians.

The bodies of the priests were taken to the Hall of Records, where their names, deeds and services were recorded in the Rusted Books. The bodies were then moved to the preparation room, embalmed, wrapped in cloth, tagged and removed to the Burial Chambers were they were laid to rest. Their spirits were snared and sent to the Pools of the Undead. The bodies of those who were deserving were eventually, after a time determined by their service, taken to the Pool of the Undead where they were immersed in the waters there, and brought back to life, reunited with their spirit.

In time of course, the practice died off. Some bodies were not tagged, others fed to some devil or hound, some entries were never made and the bodies just tossed in the crypt, their spirits set free or captured in the Pools of the Undead. When Unklar fell and the Acre was largely sacked the Record Keepers vanished and the crypts were left alone.

The Pools of the Dead, The Horned God's Acre, Aufstrag

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Vincent Frey said...

Very cool. I can't wait for the new Aihrde stuff. Soon, I hope. ;)