Friday, May 15, 2015

Willows of the Mistbane

The willow trees that grow along the banks of the Mistbane River in the Darkenfold cast powerful sleep spells upon any who come under their branches (CL 5 for a young tree, CL10 for a middle aged tree and CL20 for an ancient older tree). A successful save leaves the character feeling very drowsy and exhausted, desiring sleep. Anyone who succeeds the necessary constitution save can rest normally. Anyone who does sleep under the tree normally heals 2d8 hit points. When they rise, they are well rested, if not a bit hungry. Those who fail, fall into a deep slumber and sleep for weeks, if not months. Once ensnared, the willow casts hallucinatory terrain on the victim; hiding them from any prying eyes (the illusion possesses a CL as above). When the victim awakes, they are well rested and healed, possessing only a great hunger and thirst. The willow does not do this from malice but rather to aid those in need. But being a tree, it thinks like a tree and takes little note of the time that may elapse when they snare someone. A willow will ensnare groups of people, but if a willow already has a victim (2 in 20) then it will not try again and those who find refuge under their eves can rest unmolested. If several members of a party fail their save, but some do not, waking the victims is impossible under the tree and moving them can only be done by overcoming the hallucinatory terrain. Any character that saw the sleeping victim lie down or knew that they were there gains a +10 to the saving throw. Once removed from beneath the tree, waking the victims is easy.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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