Tales from the Table

I played Kain for years. He was a chaotic evil fighter started in 1979 with one of the older versions of D&D, I think maybe AD&D but it may have been one of the boxed sets. All those memories jumble up in my head and Davis pretty much hobbled together whatever he liked from whatever system.

But Kain was a more chaotic than evil. He certainly did evil acts...though never too the innocent, unless one can count abandoning people to their fate as such...it was more just whatever mood struck him, is what he did and that usually led to everyone around him dying in some form or the other.

I do remember once leading a band of brigands over a mountain pass and encountering a paladin. The NPC shouted out at the column about us being the scourge of the good and proceeded to single out one of my men and kill him. I ordered the others, on pain of death, to not interfere and then ordered the column to keep moving on. He fought the one guy and killed him. The took on another and another. the whole time I kept the column moving. We topped the pass after he had killed four or five of the brigands, but he was sorely wounded. I saluted him and rode on.

He did not pursue for his wounds were bad and if I remember his horse was dead.

That was one of the many actions Kain did that made little or no sense.

He was a wild haired, no armor wearing 18th level fighter by the time I quit him. Converted to C&C he is 19th level.

I'm thinking a new look might be in order. I like this one below....


Anonymous said…
Paraphrasing from old memories: "They took your sister to make her a servant. Here, take this, it'll ease your pain." The first was a lie. The second wasn't.
Anonymous said…
Then there's the great line, "Hell, kill him if you want, but don't blame me for it."

I thought that one summed him up nicely.