Friday, May 29, 2015

5 Cent Movie Review ~ Interstellar

I had the opportunity to watch this movie over this past weekend, and since its been getting a bit of flap, I thought I'd give it my five cents.

A wholly refreshing storyline that takes an old plot (the earth is dying and we have one chance to save it) and binds the journey of the astronauts with home and hearth in a way that is both touching and powerful. An epic journey of space flight and dimension hoping with really cool scenes of deep space. And this is the real joy of the film, the epic journey of its characters, one that brings them across space and time in search of a new home. To the film's credit it spends little time on exposition, because really, the viewer doesn't need it, and it just serves to politicize things. It cuts no corners, gives you the complete story from start to finish, and has two really cool plot twists in it, making it all very cool.

Take an evening and watch the film. Its worth it.

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Timothy Brannan said...

Personally I enjoyed the hell out of it.