Friday, May 01, 2015

Moon Talk

I read somewhere last night that the new EM drive that NASA is working on can get you to the moon in four hours. That's about the time it takes to get across the great state of Arkansas. Not too shabby if they can pull it off.

With that rolling around in my noodle plate I read this morning that the new Chief of the ESA wants to establish a permanent lunar base on the if you could put a lunar base anywhere else. This would be the follow up to the International Space Station, or as he calls it, the next step.

That would be cool and we are way over due.

It does make me think how lonely it would be, looking down on the earth, so very far away. You'd be on your own. Much akin to those who crossed the oceans not so long ago, for once at sea, you were on your own. Anything goes awry down below and your done, you get to ride out the rest of it on your own, on the moon.

Of course, you could always remind yourself, that your ON THE DAMN MOON!! How awesome would that be.


Anonymous said...

Um... almost certainly no.

Troll Lord said...

But they had a picture of the Enterprise!

Shane Stacks said...

The great state of Arkansas!

Says the North Little Rock native.