Monday, May 04, 2015

Level 3 The Dungeons, Aufstrag

The dungeons served as a prison for all the lesser creatures found wanting in the reign of Unklar. These included good and evil, all hauled here and chained to walls, bound in cages, thrown into pits or holes. There are large rooms and small, some connected, other isolated. Some chambers were open and governed by their occupants, the greatest of which was called simply the Bulwark. The Bulwark was often at odds with the masters of the Dungeons and rose in rebellion, slaying their keeps and plundering the surrounding levels before they were driven back to their fortress with the Dungeon.

From the southern flank of Aufstrag are a series of balconies that overlook the swamp below. Here victims were hung on gibbets, many left to die, others to serve as food for the wyverns or other flying creatures that rose from the Gray Pools below.

The level plays host to a wide variety of creatures, the remnants of Aufstrag's days of glory.

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