Over River Hanging Empty Unplayed

The dark waters of the Prut begin deep in the Thelknet Wood. They move slowly, following an ancient course south before they turn north and east and then back again to the confluence of the Spring River. The channel is deep before the spring, the water seems still and quiet with a calm born of a windless dusk hanging over it. Tales relate that in the Days before Days that Ealor would rise from the sea and court Ea-Ranae, the moon, and here upon the banks of the Prut they sat and frolicked together. Whatever the truth of that the Prut is home to fey of wonderous beauty and the elves haunt the woods here, seeking signs of the moon before the sun rode high in the sky. 

The forest grows thick, all the way to the loamy banks of deep grass that hang like curtains into the water’s edge, housing what dark secrets in tiny caves few can tell. The fish are large here, swim deep and feed upon one another as fish are want to do. Strange birds dwell in the trees and wolves lope to the water’s edge in quest of water. At times there are stairs with no landings that lead into the water or swings from branches hanging empty and unplayed or bridges that rope in the two banks, bridging two worlds. The “Prut above the Spring” is a saying in the realms of New Aenoch and it is like to magical realm that few understand, or if they do, they choose to keep their understanding to themselves. It is a lonely, quiet river, the Prut.

After the Spring it picks up speed and deepens still and the dark waters turn a shallow gray, shrowded still by forest trees and linked by hidden paths. At last, they tumble into Udunilay and broaden that mainland tempest before it enters the Opens and the Sea beyond.

From ~ The Barachian Coast, Aihrde Expansion, The Prut River Entry. Aihrde