Experience the Experience of No Experience

I am toying around with rules again. I really like this notion I have of not having to track experience. I do not like level grinding or even the semblance of level grinding. So i plan to take it off the table. Experience would be accrued differently and would not require much math. Really no math. I really can't say much more on this until i have a final draft of the work in hand, present it to play testers, and move to the next phase of development of The Dragon's Crucible.

This is another of the projects I am working on. The Inzae setting material is going to be expanded and presented in a different format, much along the lines of the World of Airdhe setting. Along with the setting there will be rules that are setting specific. The rules are being designed to capture the flavor of that setting. That said, the formatting will be seamless with Castles and Crusades so one can pick and choose which rules set to use. 

Of the big rules changes there will be new combat, advancement, and ability development/growth whatever. I need to finish this up quickly so I can get the draft into the hands of play testers to see if even the nascent ideas work. If they do not, I will likely scrap and start over or just stick with Castles and Crusades. But as those of you who know me, i really like fiddling with rule and if nothing else, Castles and Crusades is made for fiddling. I just can't help myself.


Mac Golden said…
Yes, Davis, please do all of the above. Especially doing away with experience points. I agree a more simple system encompassing all aspects of the game would better serve C&C’s core goal of emphasizing story.