Damage is Simple - but I can do Better

Damage in The Game is fairly simple. There is a small range of dice to choose from and most damage delivered by an attack stays within this range. There are five dice; d4, d6, d8, d10, and d12. From a basic perspective, all damage cause by weapons and other attacks can stay within that range without really effecting game play, or at least keeping it within the bounds most people have come to accept or are familiar with. To wit, this is how I will begin assigning damage for weapons in the upcoming Arms and Armor book. 


1d4        Knives, daggers, small clubs

1d6        Maces, axes, spears, polearms,

1d8        Swords, large axes, polearms

1d10      Two handed weapon, large weapons

1d12      Typically reserved for monsters

I have to consider natural weapons as well. By that I mean the claws from a cougar to the claws of a dragon and other things between. There will be simple damage for that as well. Nothing more really need be added to that but, being who I am. I will add to that. 

So, in addition to a simple weapon weapon damage there is to be an advanced weapon damage. The latter is for those who prefer to have a distinction between weapons that is meaningful in game play rather than just an aesthetics of the character. These damages will vary greatly. I will also add multiple dice to the mix, and add or subtract modifiers. Generally the weapon categories remain the same.

1d2 up to +1        

1d3 up to +1       

1d4 up to +2          2d2

1d6 up to +2          2d3

1d8 up to +2          2d4 

1d10 up to +2       

1d12 up to +2        2d6

Finally, some weapons, not all but some will have specific utilities such as disarming, tripping, keeping at bay, reach, bonuses to hitting certain types of armor etc. I am moving costs to silver pieces though converting to gold when necessary.