Monday, May 18, 2015

The Temple of Perth

The behemoth was not alone. Four of them lumbered through the jungle. Each looked the same as the next.

Six tree-like legs pounded the earth, breaking it with each lumbering stump. A head of mighty tusks that twisted in coils of ivory madness sprouted from the creature's flat face. Standing hundreds of feet high; 3, nay, 400 feet long and as wide. Upon legs as thick as trunks they crushed the earth and it slid away beneath them into a swirling madness of grinding matter. The maelstrom, where all things, living or no were torn asunder and returned to the chaos of the beginning. Whether the earth slid beneath the behemoths or they were moving forward, none could tell, all they knew was that to fall was certain death as they would certainly slide into the abyss. Bridges flung between the walking beasts connected the behemoths one to the other.

All over them were the trappings of those who dwelt upon their backs, chains, ropes, and ladders decorated the behemoth's backs and flanks. Scaffolding, thrown together with boards and ropes hung lose or snaked around the creature's sides, criss-crossing each of the monstrous beasts. Smaller bi-pedal creatures ran to and fro, crossing from one creature to the next, climbing this one's stomach, clinging to that one's tusk. Upon each of the creature's wide necks stood a wheel house. A many spoked wheel facing forward overlooking the behemoth's broad back as if the whole was a ship in a sea of chaos and madness.

~The Temple of Perth
Stephen Chenault
Tales of Aihrde

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