Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Its Inevitable

This week Stephen Hawking once again warned that machines would overtake humans, easily within 100 years. I suspect it will be much faster than that. Their development will hit an exponential growth rate and machines will begin morphing quickly. 

The question is, does that intelligence lend itself toward a biological drive to survive? And if it does, will our two species be able to co-exist?  All organisms have the survival instinct, from single cell creatures to the complex monkeys like ourselves. When/if robots reach singularity, do they achieve that need to survive..and does it become an us or them?

All interesting questions that are completely irrelevant if people decide to make angry robots!

Touchpoint Group is building Angry AI in order to deal with obnoxious humans.

This doesn't sound like a good starting point for us.

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