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Also known as the Frog God...

Amenut crossed into the world of Aihrde before the first light. In the darkness he found a river, deep and slow and he settled into its cool waters. There Tefnut found him, and granted him domain of the river and all the lands about. This was the Mistbane River that flowed through the Darkenfold. He was the first of the Og-Aust to come to the lands that blossomed into the Ethvold, and he ruled there under her for many ages of the world. He grew wise and powerful in that wisdom, and ruled the hearts of men until the latter days of the world when the Ethvold failed and his power, long tied to the deep valleys and tall trees, waned. In time he faded from the minds of men so that only a few called to him and he became lost in the deep caverns beneath the world.

Amenut takes the form of a tall human with greenish skin, whose head is that of a frog. He wears no clothes but for his long, enveloping cloak. He once bore the Cloak of Amen, a powerful cloth that held much of his power, but it faded with his might and is lost; with it he held a golden scepter, a +5 mace, but it was stolen from him while he slumbered. The cloak acts as +7 chain mail and gives the wearer the powers of a knight.

Amenut lives on, and now dwells in the Caverns of Amenut, beneath the village of Alice in the Valley of the Frog.

He is benevolent if indifferent to the supplications of his followers. In the days when men worshiped him regularly, he answered prayers as the mood struck him, but great sacrifice was always rewarded with knowledge and boons. Now his reach is small, and he can reward only simple deeds and lesser spells to his clerics. He longs for a return to his days of glory.

Worship of the Frog God is simple and involves laying valuables at the feet of pedestals constructed at his holy sites. Sacrifices to Amenut earn the supplicant the benefits of an augury spell.

~ The Codex of Aihrde

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