Tuesday, July 07, 2015

The Birth of the Father God

The world tree had formed out of a chaotic, dark world, seeded by the fires of the universe, watered by the great rivers, and buried deep into the fertile earth. Irminsul, the grand ash tree, sits in the center of the blissful meadows of Neorxnawang, the (as yet) un-shaped world above that of Middangeard (Middle Earth/World) and the Underworld of Helle.

Shrouded in the mists of the primal worlds, when the elements were in conflict and there was little to know the difference from the sky to the earth, the first god was born – Tuisto. He was born from the earth and came into the universe ready to propagate his kind, but the unmade worlds were populated with an abundance of monsters and giants.

His father, Tiu, was a mysterious figure, hidden by the mists of time. It is said he ruled over the skies above. Tiu, and the earth goddess Erce conceived Tuisto between them.

Young Tuisto traveled between the worlds above and below, slaying monsters in order to thin out the dense populations in an effort to make the world more inhabitable. On his journey, he encountered a woman that would become his wife and bear his children.

Codex Germania
Brian N. Young

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