Monday, July 27, 2015

Three Books. One Kickstarter

On Kickstarter now!

Codex Germania: Here Mr. Young explores the myths of the ancient Germans, as they looked upon the world during the age of the Roman Empire. In some ways it mirrors the Northmen, but in many more, it reveals the many hidden secrets of the warriors of the dark and brooding woods of north-central Europe.

Codex Slavorum: Often overlooked the many and diverse peoples of eastern and southern Europe believed in a vibrant world of towering gods, clever fey and wild enchantments. Beyond even the Shadows of Rome theirs is a world onto itself.

Codex Classicum: The Greeks first emerged on the world stage 3000 years ago. Their's was a vibrant culture that spawned some of the most fantastic and enduring myths the world has ever known. Mr. Young tackles these and places them in context with their Roman and Etruscan counterparts.

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