Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shooting To the End ~ Short Film

Yesterday we began shooting the a short film, To the End. We are working with Litzwire Sound + Vision to bring this thing to life, and so far its fantastic.

We are working with the production company Litzwire Sound + Vision.

The commercial is basically in two parts, the first out doors, the second in an old cabin. We  started filming late in the afternoon to get some ambient light, but good lord it was hot. It actually wasn't even that hot, only about 90 something, but the air was thick in the woods, and not a scrap of wind blowing anywhere. The humidity was high and we were all, very quickly bathed in sweat.

But no complaints from anyone. The cast and crew worked crazy cool in the crazy hot and made the first part come to life.

It was new for me. Something different this way comes if will. I've never been on the set for anything like this.

I will be tweeting from the second day of shooting (today), so please take a moment and follow me on TWITTER.

Here are some shots from yesterday's shoot:

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