Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gencon Bound

We are slowly wedging Gencon preparations into our CKG packing and shipping. We have a new canvas shell for the truck to install, lots of boxes to actually pack and get ready to roll out, the financial mess to get in order, banners are made and new racks are ordered so that good, but I'm guessing lots of stuff that I'll remember when I get to the show.

I did get a new Yeti cooler so I can have, I mean, the crew can have, cold Dr. Pepper in the booth. It was expensive but the Troll must have his cold drinks.

We are in Booth 1503 this year, up toward the front and next to Geek and Sundry and Green Ronin as well as Steve Jackson Games.

You can't miss us.

So come by and see what wares we have on hand. We'll know doubt be bouncing around like a small lunatic asylum.


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