Friday, July 17, 2015

Medieval Clothing

I'm not sure what it is about medieval clothing that I like. It was probably heavy, being largely wool I think, thick cottons too. At least that is what I perceive it as. But the look of it was fitted and layered, with leathers and iron broaches and belt buckles. It all has this very "together" look about it. I'm sure it served a variety of functions as well.

Today's clothing seems very bland...comfortable but bland. We don't layer much. We don't have broaches, buckles etc. Just the same old thin shits and jeans we all wear. T Shirts, hats and the like.


I think as soon as the apocalypse begins I'm going to start wearing a cloak with a broach. I'll be the guy killing zombies with my 45 while wearing heavy wool, layered clothing.


5 Stone Games said...

Considering we may be entering a solar minimum, those layers will come in handy.

Winter is coming. Well maybe anyway.

Oh yeah and stock up in obsidian , trust me on this ;)

Troll Lord said...

Hmmm Obsidian eh? I'll do it! Just, you know, let me know why, when the time comes...preferably before we lose our electrical gadgets!

Anonymous said...

Why are you wearing thin shits? I have always preferred thick shits for my garments. :-P

Troll Lord said...

LOLOL well you know! It is Arkansas and we do have a lot of pasture around here!