Tuesday, July 14, 2015

C&C Mythos on Kickstarter

Years ago, when the Codex of Erde was first released, in conjunction with the Canting Crew, we laid the groundwork for a fantastic series of books based on the Mythos of early man. Thus the Codices were born and the Mythos series. The first planned was the Codex Germania. Aimed at the myths of the early Germans, along with superstitions, history, culture and all grounded in gaming terms.

Alas it was not to be for early on they misfired and we failed to have the resources to pursue them. And so it lay for many years.

By chance, luck or fate Peter Bradley introduced us to Brian Young, a PhD candidate working on celtic mythologies. We quickly came to the realization that what he had written for the Celts, is what we wanted for the Germans, the Romans, Greeks, Japanese and so forth. The Codex Celtarum rolled out a year later and it was followed by the Codex Nordica.

Hosts of other projects got in the way of the series, but Brian kept working and his work has born fruit like we never imagined. He's finished the next three books in the series: Codex Germania, Codex Slavorum, and the Codex Classicus.

These are ready, or soon will be, for prime time. Germania, the original flagship of the Mythos series, is already in layout. The other two are written and waiting for editing. Peter Bradley has begun hammering out the covers.

But we aren't going to space these out over 3 years. Its time to execrate the process and bring a bundle of these Mythos series to the gaming table.

So welcome to the Mythos Kickstarter! It opens in just a few days, as noted by the clock you can see in the link below.

Its going to be a big one! Least wise...we hope so.

Join the Fray!

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