Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sons of Anarchy

You know what I miss?

Sons of Anarchy

At first I didn't want to watch the show as I don't normally go in for the bad guys are the heroes type things...well not heroes, but lets make a show about how cool bad guys are (Natural Born Killers was such a horrible mass of festering vomit that splattered across the screen that it left me bemused at such crap). At any rate never wanted to watch it until in a fit of waiting for 3rd season of Walking Dead I took the plunge.

And it was much different than I expected. It did cut the bad guys in a cool light, but it was really the struggle of the main character to turn the bad guys good and even their desire to turn good, but being ever drawn down the old path by some of their own and some of the others.

At any rate. Well written. Well acted, beautifully constructed. It was a fantastic show. The perfect compliment to Walking Dead.

But she be done now. I recommend any and all to have a gander if you have the time, its well worth the watch (it is bumpy though, and violent, so be warned).

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