Friday, July 24, 2015

Man Of War, Sharks, Jellies and Other Perils

As we've all heard North Carolina has had a spate of shark attacks (seven or nine or such) with quite a few people seriously hurt. News is floating out of the eastern seaboard that now Portuguese Man of War are being sighted along the beach lines, washing ashore and what nots.

Those sons of devils can be serious.

It reminds me of a trip Tim, Kenneth and myself took to Florida some years back. While swimming one of us got stung by a jelly fish. I can't remember who, but it hurt like a devil. Drug him out of the water, up to the beach. When the pain reside we went back into the water, and promptly another one of us got stung. Back out of the water, wait a bit and back in, the third got stung. Back out, back in, stung again.

I can say this, I was stung twice, and that huts like a devil with a pin cushion. The pain is intense and sharp and clouds everything out of your mind except it. It didn't last long, so I know that guy was small that tore me up, but lord have mercy did that hurt.

This went on a few more times. Six or seven stings before we finally decided to not die in the surf stung to death by obnoxious jelly fish.

So keep an eye out if your on the Jersey shore.

As a side note, I would like to think it was just one jelly fish hanging out in the surf, watching us come in and out of the water (we kept going back in the water in the same spot), and stinging the tar out of us.

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