Thursday, July 09, 2015

Codex Germania Coming to Kickstarter

This book allows both the Castle Keeps and the players to explore the breadth of early Germanic mythologies and culture. For the sake of history and religion, the pre-Christian Germans are covered because their imagination and colorful beliefs had not yet submitted to a European commonality. By the time of Christianization, the Germanic world largely lost it imaginative heritage of wondrous sagas about divine heroes, other worlds, supernatural creatures, and magic. This codex attempts to capture some of that essence and places it into the hands of gamers.

Due to the many contradictive traditions found among the various Germanic peoples, deities, magical beings, and the afterlife are simply detailed according to the bare facts with some flashes of imaginative hypothesis in places to fill the gaps. There are also many new angles within it that are provided for players and Castle Keepers. The possibilities are vast!

In addition to this, there will be rules on new powers, spells and character classes (Dragonslayers, Rune Masters and the Halirúna/Wælcyrig for example). By the time this codex is fully utilized, the Castle Keeper and players can bring a Teutonic edge to any campaign.

In the history chapter, there will be a combination of brief cultural histories, and a mythological history that tells the creation of the universe and all beings in it from a fusion of many Germanic traditions. The rules of the ancient Germanic concept and practice of magic and enchantment are detailed in this codex.

Codex Germania....Coming to


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Chris Nason said...

I'm really looking forward to the new Codices. This one sounds fantastic!