Z Nation

I need to check the credits for this show. Its been a fun romp with some really, really weird plot lines that border on ... well something ... but I've kept watching it because, well its fun. That and the cast is just awesome, all these cats are doing wonders with the show.

But suddenly, about mid season 2nd season, the tone changed. The shows are better directed, or written, or something. They are just better. A little tighter and a little more suspenseful. Its changed form something I get around to watching when I'm relaxing, to something I want to watch. And damned if the season isn't almost over...though it may be over, I have gotten all the way through yet, as its Apple TV. I think I have one or two episodes left.

Very cool. If you haven't already, check it out.


Charlie Warren said…
Z Nation is just downright fun! I'm waiting for season three...