Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thus the Wall of Worlds was Breached

You've probably heard the news, Voyager 1 has broken through that narrow belt where our own solar wind collides with the interstellar winds.

At its edges, the solar wind piles up into the "interstellar wind," a cloud of cooler charged particles that suffuse the thin vacuum of space between stars. Since 2004, Voyager 1 had been traveling within the boundary region between the solar wind and the interstellar wind, which is the cooked-off debris of thousands of exploded stars in our Milky Way galaxy. ~ National Geogrphic

Thus we have broken the Wall of Worlds and entered the Great Empty, the Void, the All Father's Forge. We have shed our mortal coil.

May we find Iul, the First Wind and ride it till the Gonfod should take us!

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