Monday, December 28, 2015

The Afterlife

If our early ancestors were correct and we get to take to the afterlife what we are buried with then, taking this kids rattles is just mean.

Almost all prehistoric societies buried their dead with items that they used in life, or loved, or that they thought they might need in the afterlife. These ranged from dogs, slaves, horses, weapons, jewelry, short, all manner of stuff. We have these graves on every continent. IF our early ancestors knew something we didn't then every time we dig up these graves and cart the bodies off to some museum and scatter their possessions we are robbing the dead in the afterlife.

But in Russia they unearthed an infant, set in the ground in his crib with two large rattles on his chest. He's been dug up and carted off to see what his bones hold. And the boy has no somewhere, in the wilds of the afterlife this baby just lost his rattles.

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That's just mean...

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