Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Star Wars, Who Knew?

So I picked this gem off the net. Back in 2001 a waitress entered a contest that promised a new 'toyota' to the waitress who sold the most drinks. Our adventurous waitress dove in, excited to win a new car. This was a Hooters

Upon winning the contest she was blind folded and escorted to the parking lot to get her prize. She was a bit taken aback by her new toy yoda action figure. She was stunned as she thought the prize was for a new toyota, a car. Clearly she didn't read the fine print, or there was no fine print to read as the managers said the whole thing was supposed to be a joke. A lark.

Well, fine print or not, joke, lark or hoax, she sued Hooters and won and they were forced to give her a new toyota of her choice.

The force was with her.

No news on whether she got to keep the action figure.

USA Today

post script: She just looks mean.


Troll Lord Games said...

I'd be mean too if I were offered a Toyota and only got a doll!

Anonymous said...

I remember that. They're lucky they didn't pull that crap on Stabbing Tuesday, or she'd have been fully justified.