Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Photos of things Past

One of the things I regret is the lack of photos from TLG in the early days. There are probably 5-6 from our first Gencon. We got a little better at taking them, but most were done from 2001-03 on Todd's phone, which of course was stolen in Vegas at the Gama Trade Show.

We picked up the pace a little about 2010, but never kept them in order, so crap is everywhere. About 12 I started compiling them in folders on Facebook, but when Facebook killed the Troll Lord last year I lost the order...the photos I still have, but the organization is a mess.

Its only in the last few years that we've hammered these things out. Take them, put them in folders and what not.

Here's one of Davis, co-creator of Castles & Crusades. We were playing Dark Heresy

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