Thursday, July 09, 2015

Heart Broken Kid? the Gods? or Kamandi?

Apparently archeologists uncovered the remains of a bob cat in a burial mound in Illinois. Its roughly 2000 years old . . . which is about the time the Emperor Nero was bouncing around with his fiddle on the roof . . . and was laid to rest with some ceremony. A bear claw necklace, with intermixed marine shells, was placed around its neck, and it was put to earth like people in the area.

Someone really liked their cat...


It was Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth.

Really, it probably wasn't Kamandi The Last Boy on Earth, but it just made me think about that dude.

Here's the article.

Its either cosmological OR some little kid found a stray kitten, rescued it and tried to keep it alive. It died and she buried it with what valuables she could because she was heart-broken about the death of her baby cat.

People are interesting-strange that way.

And really, this dude is cute.

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