Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snow Bound

The party fought a white dragon two weeks past. Last week they spent the entire time attempting to break the treasure free from the dragon's frozen lair. No simple task that, the dragon's magic and penchant for cold led it, as it does all white drakes, to keep his bed frozen, though broken apart so that he could shift and slide down beneath the wreck of it. The cavern itself was so cold that while casting a spell the wizard suffered severe frost bite that led to gangrene and the fileting of his fingers to save them (he was none too amused).

It took them five days at which point a giant pack of werewolves attacked and killed the mostly dead monk, Karagi. So by the time the treasure was removed Ki the ranger was blind in one eye; Braelic's arm had nerve damage (-1 to all actions), Karagi's arm was mangled and broke and he in a coma, Tolvar the wizard lost two fingers.

They have retreated back to the town of Rotenheim to recoup and to safeguard the sister of the mage the made a pact with.

What they will find out of course is the sister road off into the snowy Tar Kiln to finder her now dead brother. Next week should be fun . . . back into the wintery wastes.

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Kim said...

Just want to point out that, in that rundown of the injuries sustained by the party during the excavation and subsequent werewolf attack, there was no mention of the grievous injuries of Gunther, the Dwarven Paladin played by yours truly. And why was that? BECAUSE THERE WASN'T ANY GRIEVOUS WOUNDS SUFFERED BY GUNTHER! I RULE!