Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fantastic Four

Apparently this film has hit rock bottom. I've not seen it yet, so I can't say one way or the other. But I have to wonder what went amiss...something went amiss as the film is bombing at the box office. Rumors are floating that Fox Entertainment slashed the final script up and rewrote several sections...at least this is coming form the director's camp and the set.

That would definitely make it tough to make a movie.

But I often wonder...well often here, is used relatively...if the FF have the "cool" factor to make a big, block buster movie. Their super powers are a little off, stretching, invisible, clubbing time... Only the Human Torch is really cool. The others are not quite ready for prime time.

But then again Ant Man's abilities are just a bit...well small if you will allow me. And the Ant Man movie was flicking hilarious and awesome.

Probably goes back to the script. Get a good story and you can make a good movie.

I feel for the actors.

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