Monday, August 17, 2015

Harvest of Oaths

Illpah evinces no surprise upon seeing the party. She doesn't move or speak until the boar is engaged. Once the party attacks, the child walks over to the body of her mother and begins preparing her for her journey. She lays her out, rolling her over on her back, straightening her legs, and placing her arms at her sides. She collects thorns from the brush and pins her mother's eyes open. All the while she does this speaks to her in soft tones. If any can understand her speech she is reassuring her mother with the following words:

“Momma, have no fear for I have set you right in the world and you will not walk with broken step. Momma, have no fear for I have put your arms to rest and Nunt may not grab you. Momma, have no fear for I have pinned your eyes open and Nunt will not deceive you with his lies. Momma, have no fear for Heth will take you and guide you upon the River of Erde.”

From Harvest of Oaths

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