Monday, August 24, 2015

Man of Steel.....Meets Mad Max

This is just a rumor at this point, but word on the street is that there is a Man of Steel 2 in the works. The Dawn of Justice movie, coming out soon, pitting Superman against Batman, has been considered by many to the be second Superman movie, but maybe not.

The rumors are made a little more interesting because they include the possibility that the director's chair will be filled by none other than George Miller, the brilliant mind behind Mad Max and most recently Mad Max Fury Road. That movie is one epic ride from the opening shot of the two-headed lizard to the closing shot of...well you'll have to see the movie.

That's really one of the many reasons I like Fury Road, its epic. Even the peasants are epic. Everything in that movie echoes extraordinary...other than the actual plot, which is so deceptively simple as it make the movie a pure joy.

But if Miller is pickup up on Superman that can't help but make it better. I enjoyed Man of Steel. With Miller behind Man of Steel 2, well now . . .

I'm in.

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