Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Incarnations, Runes, and Mispelled Words

Back in 1825 a sword was fished out of the river Witham in the United Kingdom. It wandered from owner to owner (to be clear I just made that part up, I have no idea how this sword was found, who found this sword, what they did with it or why they did any of the things I don't know they did or didn't do) until it ended up in the British Museum. It is presently on loan to the British Library.

(Aside: I'm not sure why I like that word, "British", so much. Its just relaxing or something.)

The sword however, is the actual interesting thing, as it has runes carved into its blade presumably by the smith who made it. The runes however make no sense.


Forged in the 14th century or thereabouts, it is not an uncommon blade. Many blades bore the marks of runes or glyphs. Incantations, parables, sword names etc etc. Whatever, in short amused the maker or the commissioner.

This one is probably not any different, except that no one can read it. 

It is entirely possible that the sword-smith was in fact, like myself, a horrid speller.

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