Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ghostbusters Remake

As you know we are in an age of remakes. Hollywood, seemingly out of ideas, continues to remake movies from the 80s. This isn't really because Hollywood is out of ideas, its largely because people who came up in the 80s are now in executive positions and want to recapture their youths . . . remember Ghostbusters!? That movie was awesome. We should make it again.

It goes way beyond Ghostbusters of course.

But there is something about this movie that is interesting. They are doing a reboot with all female cast, which is fine. The line up is pretty stout (not who I would have gone with) and McCarthy and Kristin Wiig is spot on (I'm not sure who the others are but I'm sure they are talented).

What I can't figure out though, is who their target audience is. Are they going for the 80s crowd who saw the original. Fans of Bill Murray and Dan? Are they angling to get a larger female demographic seeing this movie, as women usually shy away from these types of movies. Or are they going for a younger crowd?

The talk of it invariably seems caught up in the negative response people have had to the all female cast, which is odd. Its almost as if they chose the cast looking for the negative response. Of course that's no true, but its the chip on the shoulder thing. Knock it off? I dare you? And honestly I don't see much negative talk...I may have missed it...but even Ghostbuster super fans I know, don't seem to care. They seem more 'Hollywood Remade to Death' than anything else.

For me, unless the trailer is really really good and drives me into the theatre I will probably wait for it to hit Apple TV or netflix, largely because I too am remade to death. I absolutely love Kristen Wiig, she has that subtle sarcastic humor that you find in Murray or even Harrison Ford. But for this one, she's going to have to be given a really good script.

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