Thursday, August 27, 2015

Disney Rolling Out The Big Guns

Disney has tapped some of the largest internet starts to help promote the release of The Force Awakens this coming December. They'll be using the online video site, Makers Studios (that they just gobbled up), to begin a series of unboxing events.

"Maker Studios is the largest content network on YouTube, attracting over 10 billion views per month. Its stars, including EvanTubeHD, Bratayley, Expcaseros, AlexBy11, and Chris Pirillo, will unbox different Star Wars toys in fifteen events on September 3, the day before Force Friday, all live streamed on the Star Wars YouTube channel over an eighteen hour period." ~ICv2

Gotta love the marketing strategy. That spread should get ga-jillions of viewers from all walks.

If you hadn't heard the force is going to awaken by now, you will soon. 

(see what I did there?)

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