Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Oanthuil

The strangest of all the tribes of men are the Oanthuil. As a young people they took up the worship of Thorax and followed the path set for them by his dark sorceries. These consumed them utterly. They were neither wise enough, nor possessed of the strengths that later forged the goblins and they were corrupted. Most of their women died out and they bred only with a few. Too they forgot themselves and evolved into shape-shifters possessed only of a great hunger for memories and identity.

They hid themselves in the high mountains and in time came to worship their own women as gods for these creatures carried an unearthly beauty, given to them by the Red God. From time to time they come into the lands of men and dwarf and take shapes of those they see and live hollow lives without meaning. They are found throughout Aihrde as their lonely wandering brings them on long paths. The Oanthuil are the longest lived of all the Muen, living upwards to a thousand years before their bodies give out and die. They were unknown to the Lords of the Winter Dark.

The Oanthuil are blue of skin with no noses, long fingers and toes, thin ungainly legs and arms. They are hairless but have wide brows and narrow craniums. Their eyes are yellow. They have few trapping, using their sorcery to cloth themselves in warmth or bathe themselves in cool air.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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