Thursday, July 31, 2014


When Nepeleos was a child he wed his mother, Imbree. They dwelt in the lands of Al Liosh for many years before she conceived a child by him. At the child’s conception, Nepeleos knew that his mother was actually Imbrisius, the Maiden of Pain, and that she was a god. Knowing his own divinity made him hate her with force, and he tried to slay her. She merely laughed at him and cut him with her nails. After that, she paid him no heed, raising their son as she saw fit. But Nepeleos turned his mind to the darker sorceries and practiced magic when none had done so before. He wrested magic from creatures great and small and did so with malice and cruelty. In time, age took him, and he feared of where his soul would end. So he made for himself a vessel, to live forever. He became a wild, cold wind. He left then for places unknown and his mother, his wife, took no notice then or ever more.

In life Nepeleos was a powerful magic user, steeped in the machinations of the magic of the elder gods. His was a lonely life, spent in the youth of the world before there were scrolls and books to pour over. So he read the book of living creatures, as is written in their flesh and minds, and he extracted this knowledge through torture.

He is seen as a hollow cloak, wrapped in human form, as though a ghost were wearing a cloak. The only other corporal thing about him is the torturer's knife he always carries in his left hand. His idols are carved from colored stone, like turquoise, and are valued for their intricate detail.

~Gods & Monsters of Aihrde (the Black Box)

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