Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Belock the Giant

In his youth Belock wandered into the north and there he spent many years, for he enjoyed the cold, and the snows fell heavy upon his shoulders and it comforted him. He passed through the deep snow with ease, and took great joy in watching others struggle and suffer and die in the frozen wastes. So much joy that at times he took southlanders captive and carried them to the high mountains or northern dales and there set them loose to watch them die. In this he was judged by all his kindred to be evil and unwholesome. And he was driven far from his kind.

Thus he dwelt alone, enjoying his torments. And thus it was that the Winter's Dark found him. When all the land became locked in snow and ice, and the Horned God took the crown of all there was, Belock joined him. He was welcomed into the dark hosts of Aufstrag and there served his mater loyally until the Horned God's reign was ended.

At the height of his power Belock commanded a large army in the service of the Horned God, but he crossed paths with Eawuld ot Mors and after slaying the Knight's father and burning his home, earned his enmity. And Eawuld spent the rest of his life hunting Belock and all of his servants until in the end they slew them, all but a handful and Belock himself.

Belock stands about 18 feet tall and is broad of chest, with huge arms and legs. His skin is cracked as if dry, but this is not so, for these are the scars of past battles and the criss and cross his flesh like so many spider's webs. He wears a beard, but his head is balding. He is dirty and unkempt, his teeth yellowed with age, and his breath as foul as rotten meat.

He is not wise and has no gifts of command, in fact he is rather stupid and can think of little else beyond what is in front of him or fulfilling his desires. And these are always evil, for Belock is malicious, cruel and petty.

In combat Belock uses a tree trunk, which he swings for 2d12+6 points of damage. His strength is such that his trees are often broken in battle. He is also able to summon a winter storm as the spell control weather, though his are 10x great in range and duration.

Belock is poverty stricken and owns nothing but for a magical elixir that brings the dead back to life.

~Gods & Monsters of Aihrde (the Black Box)