Thursday, July 31, 2014

Primeval Totems

With animal hide cloaks thrown over bronzed shoulders the small band of warriors led their people up the valley draw to the wide mouth of the cave above them. The weather had hounded them and they sought shelter, but more the hunting lions were driving the herds ever north. And where the herds went, they went.

They settled in the cave. Gathering firewood they brought light and warmth to the deep, cool dark. Water was plentiful and they settled their packs and skins upon the ground, making room for all and sundry.

Thus they lived. Hunting, gathering, fighting the manifold dangers of the primeval world. But the lions hounded them, and though they carved totems to the wild beast in hopes to ward off its predations, they failed and eventually all were driven off or slain.

But in the ruin one left a small token. A lion carved in ivory.

Archeologists digging in 1931 uncovered this ivory carved lion totem. But recently, while revisiting the site in the Vogelherd Cave, another fragment of the lion was found. The totem is dated to 40,000 years ago.

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