Friday, July 18, 2014

The Rin of Aihrde

Rin: Literally translates to road mark. A rin is an age of the world, when a certain moment, a road mark, is passed upon the Arc of Time. There are seven Rins counted :

First Rin: The Days before Days: The Arc of Time

Second Rin: Of the Beginning of Days: The creation of the dwarves, men and giants until the first Kingdom.
Third Rin: The Songs of the Dwarves: The Founding of Gorthurag to the coming of the goblins.
Fourth Rin: The Lamentations: The Goblins, the wars and the Stone Wars.
Fifth Rin: The Age of Men: The Rise of Aenoch and Ethrum to the coming of the Horned God.
Sixth Rin:  Winter's Dark: The rule of the Horned God until the Winter Dark Wars. The Long Days of the World.
Seventh Rin: The Present Age: From the crowning of the Empress to the present.

~Codex of Aihrde

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