Thursday, July 24, 2014


Long ago there was a goodly sorceress named Erementrude. She was powerful and well versed in all the magics of the ancient goblins and wizards. It came to pass that Erementrude’s daughter fell by the arrow of dagger of some vagrant. In her grief she sought to hold the Arc of Time and delay her child’s passage to the Stone Fields so that she might call upon her one last time. Her spell was powerful and when it bridged the Arc and stopped time, it drew the attention of the Lord of Chaos. He saw in a moment what her intent was and from the distant home of his frozen wasteland he blew her a kiss. Thus the redlips came to the world. 

Small and lithe, these creatures assume the forms of human men or women, with feathers for hair and wings for arms. Their lips bear their namesake, and are painted wholly or in part, red. Some may have the upper lip so painted, others may put a simple horizontal line, others my dot their lips red. But in any case their lips belie who they are. 

Redlips enter the space in time created by a time stop spell seeking to devour the future of the caster.

~Of Gods & Monsters of Aihrde (Black Box)

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